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Electronic Faucets, Adapters & Soap Dispensers
Improve hygiene, reduce water and soap consumption, and conserve energy with our hands-free electronic faucets, soap dispensers, adapters and valves.

Electronic Faucet Adapter »

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Hands-Free Electronic Faucet Adapter helps prevent cross-contamination and conserves water

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Electronic Soap Dispensers »

Electronic Soap Dispensers image

Soap Dispensers, Electronic

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Restroom Faucets »

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Sleek contemporary design hands-free faucets to complement restroom decor

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Electronic Faucet Replacement Parts »

Electronic Faucet Replacement Parts image

Electronic Faucet Replacement Parts, Cover Plates, Control Boards, Adapters, Mixing Valves and More.

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Wall & Deck Mount Faucets »

Wall & Deck Mount Faucets image

Hands free sensor activated design, prevents cross contamination by eliminating the need to touch handles

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