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Replacement & Accessory Parts
Broken faucet? Don’t spend the money on a new one just yet. We offer a full range of dependable replacement parts that are compatible with nearly every brand of plumbing fixture on the market. So whatever the repair calls for, we’ll fix you up right.

Adapters »

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Replacement Faucet Adapters

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Aerators »

Aerators image

Replacement Faucet Aerators

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Handles »

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Replacement Handles For All Your Faucets

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Spouts »

Spouts image

Replacement Spouts For All Your Faucets

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Faucet & Pre-Rinse Bodies »

Faucet & Pre-Rinse Bodies image

Replacement Faucet and Pre-Rinse Bodies

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Pre-Rinse Accessories »

Pre-Rinse Accessories image

Pre-Rinse Accessories from Wall Hooks, Riser Pipes, Wall Brackets, Arm Supports and More.

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Pre-Rinse Add-On Faucets »

Pre-Rinse Add-On Faucets image

Add-On Faucets Extend Flexibility of Pre-Rinse Assemblies by Providing Additional Swivel Spout Capability

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Pre-Rinse Hoses & Grip »

Pre-Rinse Hoses & Grip image

K50, KC50 and KN50 Series Pre-Rinse Hose Assemblies

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Pre-Rinse Spray Valves & Assemblies »

Pre-Rinse Spray Valves & Assemblies image

KN50 Series Spray Valves and Assemblies

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Vacuum Breakers »

Vacuum Breakers image

Replacement Faucet Vacuum Breakers

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Valves & Cartridges »

Valves & Cartridges image

Replacement Valves and Cartridges

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