Subcategory: Pre-Rinse Spray Valves & Assemblies

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Pre-Rinse Spray Valves & Assemblies
We offer low flow, universal & adjustable spray valves to meet your needs. Our Pre-Rinse spray valve kits include spray head, grip and grip adapters. Or you can purchase just the spray valve assembly.


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Brand : Encore
Subcategory : Pre-Rinse Spray Valves & Assemblies

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ImageModel #Description
KL50-0220Spray Valve Kit, Low Lead, Low Flow 1.6 gpm, Grip, Hose Adapters
KL50-0220-065Spray Valve Kit, Low Lead, Low Flow .65 gpm, Grip, Hose Adapters
KL50-0220-12Spray Valve Kit, Low Lead, Low Flow 1.2 gpm, Grip, Hose Adapters
KL50-Y000Hose Assembly with Angled Spray Valve, 44", Stainless Steel Hose
KL50-Y002-065Low Lead Spray Valve Assembly, .65 gpm
KL50-Y002-12Low Lead Spray Valve Assembly, 1.2 gpm
KL50-Y002-16Low Lead Spray Valve Assembly, 1.6 gpm
KL50-Y102Select-A-Spray, 5 Pattern Spray Head
KLF-Y104APre-Rinse, Variable Flow, Low Lead
KN50-0210Select-A-Spray Pre-Rinse Kit, Grip, Hose Adapters
KN50-0220Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-0220
KN50-0220-065Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-0220-065
KN50-0220-12Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-0220-12
KN50-0220-16Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-0220-16
KN50-X025Kool Grip™ Handle, for Pre-Rinse Spray Valve and Hoses
KN50-Y002Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-Y002
KN50-Y002-12Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-Y002-12
KN50-Y030Angled Spray Valve Assembly, Low Flow 1.2 gpm
KN50-Y031Pot Filler Spray Valve Assembly


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