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Choose from a variety of plumbing repair kits for easy and quick repair


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ImageModel #Description
D10-0001Lever Handle Assembly
D10-0001-SPLever Handle Assembly, 4" Straight Handle
D10-0030Strainer Retainer, 3", Vandal Proof
D10-0035Strainer Retainer, 3.5", Vandal Proof
D10-X029Packing Nut, Brass, Lever Model
D10-X030Brass Ball, Lever Model
D10-X031Head Gasket, Fiber
D10-X033Washer, Paper, For 3-1/2" Flange Assembly
D50-X006Packing Nut, Brass, Twist Handle
K15-0010Handle Repair Kit, K15 Series
K24-0110Foot Pedal, Short, Repair Kit, Polished Chrome, for K24-1100 Model
K24-0120Foot Pedal, Long Length, Repair Kit, Polished Chrome, for K24-1200 Model
K24-0130Foot Pedal, Extended Length, Repair Kit, Polished Chrome, for K24-1302 Model
K25-0110Foot Pedal, Repair Kit, Polished Chrome, for K25-1000 and K25-2000 Models
K25-0330Knee Valve Repair Kit, Polished Chrome, for K25-3000 and K25-4000 Models
K50-VBKITAtmospheric Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit
K78-0010Valve Repair, Hot and Cold, K78 Series
K78-0020Vacuum Breaker, Repair Kit, K78 Series
KL26-0010Glass Filler Repair Kit, KL26 Series
KL50-Y400-4444" (1118mm) Hose and Button Spray Valve
KN13-0010Lever Handle, Repair Kit, KN11/KN13 Series
KN50-0200Discontinued - Use Low Lead Compliant Model KL50-0200
KN50-0300-PSSpray Head, Repair Kit, w/Out Button Valve
KN50-Y000-PRBPre-Rinse Top Half, Riser, Hook, Spring, Wall Bracket, Hose and Spray Valve
KN50-Y2612RPBPre-Rinse Top Half, 12" (305mm) Swivel Arm, Hook, Spring, Wall Bracket, Hose and Spray Valve
KN50-Y402DD Sprayer with Aerator
KN50-Y403DD Sprayer with Rose Spray
KN50-Y410-4437" (940mm) DD Hose and Spray
TL50-0010Lever Handle, Repair Kit, TL20/TL50/TK57/TL61/TL70 Series
TLL-0010Handle Repair Kit with Ceramic Valves, For All New Style Top-Line Faucets
TLL13-0010Handle Repair Kit, TLL13/TLL11 Series
TLL15-0010Handle Repair Kit, TLL15 Series
TLL50-0010Handle Repair Kit, TLL20/TLL50/TLL57/TLL61/TLL70 Series


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